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Birthday Trip - Colorado 2015

First Day - The City

"Take me out to the ballgame" - my first baseball game

Colorado A01
Colorado A05
Colorado A03
Colorado A02
Colorado A04
Diner at Sushi Den

The pictures from from Sushi Den are not my own, they were taken directly from the restaurant's website -

Sushi Den serves fresh fish that arrives everyday on a special delivery from Japan. The food is really fresh and they offer classics as well as more daring combinations.

Second Day - The Mountains

The Garden of the Gods
Colorado C01
Colorado C02
Colorado C03
Colorado C04
Colorado C05
Colorado C06
Colorado C07
Colorado C08
Colorado C09
Colorado C10
Colorado C11
Colorado C12
Colorado C13
Colorado C14
Colorado C15
Colorado C16
Colorado C17
Colorado C18

And flight exercises from the Air Force base nearby

Colorado D01
Colorado D02
Colorado D03
Colorado D04
Colorado D05
The Hotel

Cliff House - a historic hotel located at the base of Pike's Peak. It possesses a award winning restaurant.

Happy Hour - Mona's Cellar

40% off fondue and $5 wine glasses at happy hour. Service is good, and good eats.
Pictures are from several online websites. Restaurant website is -

Third Day - the concert hall I never saw and dinner with friends

A Healthy Breakfast

Adam's Mountain Cafe was the perfect place to start a day of hiking. They had a healthy menu, and special juice of the day.

Red Rock

It is a natural formed world-famous amphitheater in Denver. Although usually open to the public, there was a Savoy's band rehearsal for a concert that night. The venue includes biking and hiking trails in the pictures below.

Colorado H01
Colorado H02
Colorado H03
Colorado H04
Colorado H05
Colorado H06
Colorado H07
Colorado H08
Colorado H09
Brazilian Restaurant

Joined the 70's-80's-90's themed street crawl - TOTALLY TENNYSON on the way to Cafe Brazil. La Cazuela Colombiana was oh so spicy!

Fourth Day - it was a rainy, ugly day - womp, womp!

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