Milan - Autum 2019

The cosmopolitan city of Milan, in the northern Lombard region surprised me. It was my first visit to the city, which is the second largest after Rome. Out of all my visits to Italy, Milan is the fastest paced. A dirty raunchy city, filled with rude people who wait for no one. That is unless they are in no hurry, in which case you will be expected to slow down to their speed. The tension between the old and the new is palpable in all aspects - art, architecture, food, and also on their people. 
Though, I much prefer the southern charm of La Dolce Vita, I still enjoyed Milano because the city offers a lot to explore. It has a variety that's hard to come by in the classical Roman cities. I spend two weeks getting to know every little corner, and below is the list of my favorite places that I would go back to visit.

Best of Milan by Naty


If you are an architect, the area is a most. It will be the most enjoyable part of your trip

The Duomo & Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


Opera at La Scala


Armani Silo


Bar Frida


Naviglio Grande


Pirelli HangarBicocca


The Last Super


Castello Sforzesco


Porta Nuova


Lake Como (day side trip)

como main photo.jpg
Lake Como is located in the Lombardy region of Italy, and it is a 30 minutes train ride from Milano. The lake is a popular retreat for the wealthy, and also a very popular tourist attraction. The town of Como itself, located at the tip of the Lake is small, and it is easy to see in a day. The area though is rich with gems, from the many beautiful villas, to the string of little villages, and many artistic & architectural heritage. It is worth a trip all of its own, and I am sure you can dedicate over a week to the lake and never get bored. Though it was enjoyable in the fall, I would love to go back in the summer, and get lost in the little villages around the lake. Como, I can't wait to visit you again!
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