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The Road to RA

For those of you that don't know, RA is two tiny letters that you can add to your name when you become a licensed architect. I am proud to say that I am at the end of the road. As of this past Thanksgiving, I have officially passed every test required to become licensed. The rest is just formalities. It is hard, and a bit embarrassing to admit that I passed my first test back in 2013. Like many oth

er young aspiring architects, I felt prey to procrastination and long periods of dormancy. It is not sustainable to take the tests at the rate at which I started. After all, there are 7 tests and you only have 5 years to pass them all, and then the test is null! There are a few things that changed in the last year. I learned when was the best time for me to go through a mountain of really tedious reading and actually absorb the information. I got the rhythm of the layers of preparation for every test. Lastly, with the help of new ncarb videos, I was able to decipher how to pass the dreaded vignettes. Most importantly though, I gained an ally. This person motivated me to keep going and gave me confidence to approach head on every following section. I hope I did the same for him. Now the adventure continues. Hopefully filled with a lot more trips and enjoying every second even more than before, without having a pending exam over my head. Also, I will finally have a lot more time to record every experience in my website for posterity. So look for those two letters very soon, when I become

Rosa Natasha Zlotkovsky, RA

Designer, with many hobbies, including a blogger


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