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Smithsonian Art - Spring 2017 in DC

Hirshhorn Orchids Exhibition

A special exhibition ran at the Hirshhorn from Jan - May 2017. Unlike typical exhibitions, this one feature beautiful blooming Orchids specially selected from the collections of both Smithsonian Garden and the US Botanic Garden. The display was presented as a colorful time-based installation that was constantly changing throughout the 4-month period. It created a stunning display and unique experience for every visit!

East Art Gallery

It isn't the first time I have gone to the art gallery, but I found spaces that were occult gems. To start, I always took the stairs at the main atrium to move up and down the building. Hidden around the corner are this odd shape glass spiraling staircase. They lead up to a series of halls and beyond there the terrace. The art also provided some discoveries. They have two versions of Brancusi's "Bird", one in marble and a second one in brass. This piece is so dear to my heart because it reminds me of my freshman year at architecture school.

On the upper halls, there were two exhibitions on each side of the terrace. One was Barnett Newman's "Stations of the Cross". The subject is a modern interpretation of Jesus Christ final days before his crucifixion in which the artist attempts "to capture the fundamental emotional and philosophical essence of the Passion". The black and white pieces have a soothing effect, they create a place to meditate. The work is still on display at the East Building Tower - Gallery 615B. For additional information on the collection, read Washington Post's article: " Barnett Newman's "Station of the Cross" draws pilgrims to the National Gallery"

On the opposite site of the building, the large

hall had an impressive collection of Alexander Calder's mobiles. He is an artist from Philadelphia and my boyfriend's favorite sculptor. His father, who shares the same name was also a renowned sculptor responsible for William Pen's statue on the top of Philadelphia's City Hall. Calder Jr's mobiles are display in a grand space. The light design against the sculptures created dancing shadows in the wall, as the the colorful pieces float in the air. This exhibition is also available at the East Building Tower - Gallery 606.

Outside in the terrace, "Hahn/Cock" is a larger than life blue color rooster created by German artist Katharina Fritsch. He has been the highlight of the National Gallery appearing in many Instagram photos! The Rooster will be in the terrace on a long-term loan from Glenstone Museum in Maryland.

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