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Weekends Shenanigans

Chicago The Musical

I do love going to the Kennedy Center and it has been my goal the past few years to attend events there more often. This year, I am on event #2. I went to watch Swan Lake earlier this year, and was fortunate to see Misty Copeland play Odette. She was magnificent! That is content for another post though... This past Friday I saw Chicago , The Musical. It isn't my first time to watch Chicago. A couple of years ago I saw it at the National Theater. This time there was a different cast. To start, Brandy Norwood play the role of Roxie Hart. She was accompanied by Terra McLeod as Velma Kelly, Brent Barrett as Billy Flynn, Paul Vogt as Amo Hart, Roz Ryan as Matron "Mama" Morton, and C. Newcomer as Mary Sunshine.

Brandy was the best singer, she has such a great voice. I must admit that her voice, though better modulated, didn't project as much as the other actors and actresses on stage. Mary Sunshine's character is a riot! I don't really remember her in the movie, but she was in both plays successfully. By far the most impressive part of the play is Brent Barrett. At Roxie's press conference, Billy turns into a ventriloquist. Barret achieves the ultimate illusion, as he sings the entire song without truly moving his mouth - almost! ​

Wizards Game at The Verizon Center... In a private suite!

What?! A client from one of my projects invited the team to their private suite at the Verizon Center to watch the game. The Wizards played the Miami Heat. I am not a big sports fan and I don't know much about basketball. What I can recount is - The Wizards lost 103 to 106, sadly. The game was really close, and it looked like they would come back. That's the way it goes, someone must lose and the Wizards were unable to pull through. See a clip from the game here. The suite was fun! We had a fridge with beverages, food and snacks. There is a car that comes by full of desserts, and you can pick whatever you want. The coolest part is I got to meet Gheorghe Muresan, he is the second tallest player in NBA history and the tallest living person in Europe!

Verizon Center ticket - Washington Wizards vs Miami Heat - April 8, 2017

Gheorghe Muresan

Group selfie - Wizards game

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