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Weekend at the Mall

It is that time of the year... Cherry Blossoms are running, Kites are flying, and people find their way into New Museums!

The Kite Festival

The Kite Festival at the National Mall, Spring 2017

In previous years, I always wanted to attend the Kite Festival, but never made it. This time, a group of girls from work also wanted to go and we made our own kites! What's not to love about playing with expensive fancy paper, electric power tools and silky ribbons?? My inner child was thoroughly satisfied. Our kites malfunctioned due to the very strong winds for that day and our inexperience making kites. We learned a few lessons and are ready to try again next Spring!

The National Museum of African American History and Culture

The National Museum of African American History and Culture over looking the National Mall

Honestly, we had no tickets. We went to the door, just to see if there were any tickets available. We got in, thinking maybe the ticket booth is inside - but it was not. There were no restrictions to see the galleries, and so we enjoyed floor by floor and gallery by gallery - cautiously waiting to be kicked out. The building from outside is heavy, and the screen penetrations don't fully make sense. Once inside, the soft light of the afternoon filters in through the screens to the white balconies just outside the galleries, and the penetrations frame clear views of the Washington landmarks surrounding the museum. It is a good space, one that I plan to visit again soon.

The Cherry Blossom Run

The Cherry Blossom 10 Miller

I was not one of the runners. I was there too cheer and freeze in the wind. The weather was sunny and significantly warmer than the frigid temperatures from the previous year. The start of the run is in front of the Washington Monument. The runners cross the Memorial Bridge and turn back at Arlington Cemetery. Right after that is my first post, at the Watergate Steps. I was able to take the best picture of my favorite runner at this spot. Afterwards the path follows the Ohio Drive all the way down to the Hains Point. The last two miles are up-hill in Raoul Wallenberg Place. My last spot was just in front of the Holocaust Memorial Museum - unfortunately I missed my runner and ended up meeting at the final line. Also, the run did not coincide with the blooming of the Cherry Blossoms, apparently that is a rare event!

The Watergate Steps

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